Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kelley Armstrong Event

I was at Chapters in Guelph last night for the Kelley Armstrong signing. I got there late as the traffic on the 401 was insane and the drive should have only taken 25 minutes but took over an hour. The line up was crazy! At least 250 people. I remember about 8 years ago attending an event for one of her adult books and there was only 20-25 people. It's amazing and fabulous how far she's come. 
A few pictures from the event:

Thanks to Chapters Guelph for hosting and Kelley!!


  1. Isn't she the coolest? I actually got to interview her in person at last year's Toronto Word on the Street and she was so awesome! :) Can't wait for The Calling

  2. The YA events are always much crazier than the adult ones I think. I also attended one of her adult ones a few years back during a lunch break and there were only about 5 of us there when it started. It was nice because she took more time and chatted with us, but wow...250?