Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blogger Meet-Up FAQ's - Part II

I am back once again with another FAQ post for the Second Annual Ontario Blogger Meet-Up that is taking place on November 3, 2012.  For those of you who are registered to attend, I know I can speak on behalf of my fellow organizers when I say, that we are so excited to see all of you this Saturday.  The response from the book blogging community has been absolutely amazing and we are looking forward to putting on an awesome event.

Now a lot of you have been asking us questions on twitter and we have been doing our best to answer them.  But here is a comprehensive post of some more FAQ's for you all.


Now out of the group of organizers, Michele and I tend to be the navigators of the group.  So when people began asking for directions and trying to decide on taking the train in to Union or driving down, we weighed in on the debate.  For those of you who are still undecided, here are the directions.


Exit Union station on Front Street and make a right onto Bay Street.  Take Bay street south to Queen's Quay.  Make sure you cross the street as you want to end up on the South West side of Bay & Queen's Quay.  Head west on Queen's Quay until you reach a building called Queen's Quay terminal.  Hint: It's right on the water and has a Sobey's located in it.  Head inside the building and make your way through the shops to the Watermark Irish Pub.  A map, courtesy of Michele and Google maps, of your route is below.  The entire trip takes about 15 minutes.

Direction from Union Station to the venue.


You can also take the TTC. If you decide to take the TTC, please be advised that the fare for an adult is $3.00 each way.  At Union Station, customers must board buses on the west side of Bay Street, just south of Front Street. You will be taking the 509 Harbourfront bus from Union Station at Bay Street and Front Street to the York Street stop. 


Take the York Street exit from the Gardiner Expressway.


Harbourfront Underground Parking Lot Located to the west side of the building.

Standard Parking Lot
Located across the street from the building.

Book Limits

So there will be a 8 authors at the event this weekend.  We know that you guys are excited to meet them and get books signed.  We ask that you stick with a signing limit of 2 books for each author.  

*Note* courtesy of Simon & Schuster Canada, there will be a finished copy of Envy by Elizabeth Miles for every attendee available at the event. to get signed.

Please also remember that this is a casual event.  There will be no official signing period, but we ask that you not interrupt the authors while they are eating to get books signed.

Also, don't forget to check out my original FAQ Post here.


  1. Thanks so much for this Nicole & OMG! special thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada & Elizabeth Miles cant wait to meet everyone =)

  2. WOW i just went out and bought envy today =( ah well

  3. Just think, the day has arrived!! Looking forward to meeting everyone and having a great time. Also, huge thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada--that's totally awesome! :D